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DreamBIM offers complete BIM and related technologies services and support at each stage of your projects, from design to construction, in order to achieve your goals in the most efficient way. 

We help our clients visualize and prepare for the future while reducing overall costs and budget changes, improving productivity and enhancing the building process.

Think of us as your externalized Research, Development and Innovation Department. We are constantly learning, researching the latest developments and improving our workflows so we can create strategic plans and provide consulting services that get you the best of the newest technologies, implementing them without the stress of trying and failing, while having a great support team of specialists helping you to make the most of it.



Tailored plans for your BIM maturity level in order to achieve a smooth transition from CAD to BIM.

We help you choose which BIM software best suits you and help you get started with all the content you need to work efficiently.

Deliver your projects on time. We offer online and on-site project support to make sure you use the technology in the most efficient way and make your deadlines.

We provide both 3D laser scanning and Scan to BIM modeling services for construction purposes, remodeling and renovation projects.

Visualize your projects before they are built with the help of Virtual and Augmented Reality, 360° tours and videos.

Highly specialized and personalized training services tailored to meet your specific needs and goals, both on-site and on-line.

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