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We help you choose which BIM software best suits you, from the main ones in the world: Autodesk, Graphisoft or Nemetschek, and help you get started with all the content you need to work efficiently. 

No client has the same needs and using the appropriate BIM software is the first step on the road for a successful implementation. After we choose the right fit for your business, we continue on developing everything you need to start using it the right way:

  • Office standard: specific to each office, the document that will equip your team with the right criteria, best practices and workflows

  • Templates: personalized with all the aspects adapted to your office´s graphic style in order to get you working in the most efficient way   

  • BIM content: we can model any element or complete catalog you need, with all the information requested incorporated and the desired graphics.

  • BIM Project Execution Plan: it reflects the strategies, processes, resources, tools, etc. needed in order to comply with the BIM requirements of a client, for a specific project and phase. It also determines all the functions and responsibilities of every agent involved.


Automatization allows you to save time with recurring tasks. We create scripted solutions to optimize and automate your workflows.

Programming allows us to automate documentation, project set up, modifying information or any other repetitive task you might encounter, allowing you to use your time for what really matters.   

Even in ordinary small projects, efficiency in practice and workflow can improve drastically by customising the software and adapting it to your needs. 

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